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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Japanese Jesus Manga Comic Book

A Comic Book Jesus is not new, but a Manga Jesus is. Missionaries in Japan have distributed widely a newly printed Manga Messiah for children and adults.

Old-style Western comics just don't cut it.

Paul Beck of Operation Mobilization writes how the gospel of Jesus is getting new packaging. OM has produced a comic book of the Savior in the Japanese Manga style.

From the description:

Published by New Life League, the Manga Messiah is a 300-page comic book that depicts Jesus’ life from birth to resurrection.

Unlike their Western counterparts, young and old Japanese alike love comics, and it’s not unusual to observe a train full of commuters in the Tokyo rush-hour with their heads buried in the latest manga.

“For reaching Japanese, this book is far more effective than showing The Jesus Film,” stated one long-term missionary based in the country.Manga Bible (series)Image via Wikipedia

Can't read Japanese? Don't worry, I found other editions of Manga Messiah available, and a Manga Bible, is also available. Here's another The Manga Bible: From Genesis to Revelation.

Products like these continually remind us how religious media is used (and re-used) to accommodate emerging visual art and carry a missional imperative forward to convey religious messages in forms familiar to local cultures.

What do you think?

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