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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Conference for New Evangelicals (and Those Who Want to Know Them)

Quick post: Another new conference is available in April in Orlando, Florida. The Exponential Conference -- the 2009 National New Church Conference -- is themed on "The Art of Movement." I try to pay attention to different conferences happening out there as a measure of church activity, and this is certainly one of the more interesting happening this year.

The list of speakers for this conference is another current "who's who" of influential evangelicals from around the country speaking to the current interests and concerns of entrepreneurial-minded church leaders. You can browse and click links to churches, organizations, book titles, and personal websites to enter this interconnected world or relationships. My friend Erwin McManus from Mosaic in Los Angeles opens the conference at the first plenary session.

The conference also hosts podcasts, and there are several available online, including:


Image by via Flickr

Sessions from last year's 2008 conference are available also. The sessions from the "Multi-Ethnic Track" were particularly interesting to me; you may find others.

Besides seeing and meeting people 24/7, conferences like this give you an intense exposure to the perspectives and concerns among the newer generation (post-Moral Majority) evangelical leaders in America. Another key bonus is the long list of special sessions available before and during the conference. These are practical sessions that problem-solve issues in chatty, interpersonal contexts.

Take a look at this list from the conference catalog. The "preconference intensives" include:

A Gillmor Gang podcast at Gnomedex 6.0.Image via Wikipedia

Even with a short list like this, click to explore the values, "convictions," and buzz-words currently used around the evangelical table. The "tracks" of the conference highlight the organizational concerns of these largely independent leaders:

Pre Launch - preparing for starting a church

Post Launch - what to do once it's rolling

Reproducing Church Movements - launching other mission-driven churches

Multi-Ethnic - how to address racial and ethnic diversity

Missional Church Planting

Nuts and Bolts - over 30 sessions on hodge-podge leadership concerns

Church Planting Spouses - and how to keep your marriage in the midst of it all...

Overall, here's an interesting gathering that speaks to the current issues and concerns of some of the more interesting and vibrant developments in American Christianity.

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Nick said...

Matt Chandler was on the list of speakers..I love Matt Chandler. He is great. Ed Stetzer is good too.

There were many more people I enjoy...but this comment box is so small.

Thanks Gerardo for the update. Hope you and the family are well!