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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blog Interview with Gerardo Marti on Hollywood Faith

Quick post: I recently completed a radio-type interview on my recent book now available online.

I got an email a few weeks ago from my friend Alex McManus, creator of Voxtropolis and founder of the International Mentoring Network, along with Sam Radford, leader of Mosaic Sheffield, England, and consultant with Awaken Consultancy about their new venture. As you can see, these guys are busy!

Cover of Cover via Amazon

Alex and Sam were kind enough to invite me for an interview on their "blogtalk" radio program IMN Central about my new book Hollywood Faith. The program, All Things M, features about 30 minutes of conversation between Alex, Sam, and myself, and is now available online.

Alex is author of a brand new book, Making the World Human Again: The Quest to Save the Future from Religion. Sam has his own blog also.

One more thing -- Sam is organizing events for the IMN and Mosaic Alliance through Mosaic Sheffield. In particular, look for The Human Event happening in October of this year. The website gives more information on what will be a provocative, intimate, and international gathering of entrepreneurial-minded church leaders.

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