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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Creativity Conference - Structuring Innovation and Routinizing the Creative Process

Today, I found out about an interesting conference looking intensely at the process of innovation and creativity to be held in Boston, June 2009. The Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI) creates "a hands-on learning experience that allows you to think differently and stretch your beliefs about what is possible."

CPSI's new conference titled "The Revolution of Creativity" features full-week "immersions" to focus on a particular arena of creativity/innovation. Here they are:

1. Revolutionizing Training Design -

"Create meaningful, interactive training based on the principles of how people learn best..."

2. The Art of Innovation -

  • the Sources of efficient creativity (Talent, Energy, Method)
  • a Structure to drive innovation (Individual, Team, Target, System)
  • a Culture that makes creativity a potent force in an organizational context (Ideas, Engagement, Freedom, Humor, Risk)
3. Lateral Thinking For Innovative Leaders -

Provides unconventional techniques that help people escape from their usual patterns of thinking to produce enhanced results..."

Thinking LaterallyImage by said&done via Flickr

4. A Revolution for Reinvention - How To:

  • address the concerns of today and interact with change, fear, paradox and unpredictability
  • dance with the future; instead of trying to control it
  • listen to your client so that they are fully seen
  • know when your client is not coachable
  • use the skill that is most appropriate at any place in a coaching conversation
  • access your intuition to enhance your work with your client
  • identify self defeating influences
  • create a powerful trusting coaching relationship that allows you to do the deeper work
  • keep from getting stuck in the details and to stay out of 'fix-it' mode
  • craft the quality of question that taps into the clients’ innate wisdom and passion

5. Organizational Leadership for Innovation in a Tough Economy - This course addresses the question:

Image by Raymond Yee via Flickr

“How might I lead innovation in my organization even when the economy is in the tank and resources are scarce?”

There's a lot more to the conference. This just gives a brief taste.

The attempt to routinize "creativity" and create a structured process of "innovation" is fascinating. But does it work?

We know there are lots of books available on creativity. Institutions like CPSI have a loyal clientele and a rich source of consultants and workshop leaders to staff their programs so that some semblance of the creative process can be worked through face-to-face interaction.

Overall, the schedule and workshops look interesting.

Business Model Innovation - from framing to im...Image by Alex Osterwalder via Flickr

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