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Monday, January 5, 2009

Rick Warren-ology - Yet Another Update

(Photo Credit Mark Avery/ Reuters)

I was intrigued with yet another article about Obama's choice of Rick Warren to do the inaugural prayer. And, once again, the writer shows that Warren's rise to the national stage is new and his politics not to be equated with those on the far right.

Further, the writer pushes Obama not only as more moderate than his more strident Democratic supporters but also as committed to bringing evangelicals into mainstream America. An interesting point, and one to watch as to whether it will actually pan out.

From the article:

Obama is well aware of Warren's politics and the symbolism of his presence on the inaugural stand, and he is clearly signaling his determination to include evangelicals in his government of national unity.

Obama does not want an administration dedicated to vindicating long-excluded groups, but rather one that shows how those who have been excluded can, once invited inside, become just as mainstream in their skills, credentials, and opinions as any member of the East Coast establishment: He believes the same to be true of evangelicals.

The full article can be found here.

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