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Friday, December 26, 2008

Rick Warren-ology -- Some Background on Rick Warren and Saddleback Community Church

Just in time for Barak Obama's inauguration, I wrote a brief article on Rick Warren and Saddleback Community Church as a contributing editor to the Religion in American History blog

"With Pastor Rick Warren's inaugural prayer and the debate surrounding President Obama's invitation for him to give it, I am reminded of how little people really know about Rick Warren and his Southern California church. Warren's abrupt appearance on the political stage have various commentators sweeping this successful church leader into rants reflecting old culture-politics against the Religious Right mingled with a smattering of stereotypes about 'megachurches.'

"To give a bit of background, here's my quick attempt to fill in a few gaps."

The article gives background on the "migrants" to South Orange County and includes some background on the ministry philosophy of Saddleback Community Church as a seeker church in the Los Angeles region.  Saddleback is more than just a West Coast Willow Creek.  

More background on the development of religion in Southern California can be found in my book on Mosaic in Los Angeles and my book on Oasis in Hollywood.  

You can read the full article here.


Mark said...

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Gerardo Marti said...

THanks a lot, Mark. I'll check out your new blog today!