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Monday, February 16, 2009

The Strip Church, Las Vegas NV

The XXX Church guys have just started a church in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Craig Ross, the long-haired and still-young founder of (never heard of it? It's a ministry to the porn industry and to those struggling with porn addiction. Please visit here, here, and here), and his team have taken the next step in the development of their ministry. The same team that sells t-shirts saying "Jesus Loves Porn Stars" has now moved their offices and their families to Las Vegas to start a church in the heart of Sin City.

The Strip Church is now open.

City of Las VegasImage via Wikipedia

They began their unique ministry on January 8th, 2002, when they arrived at their first adult entertainment industry convention dressed in a bunny suit. "Understated, outsmarted, and underfinanced, we knew we could never compete with the 70 billion dollar a year sex industry. But then we realized, we didn't have to compete, we just needed to show up."

In 7 years of continual evangelistic ministry to adult industry trade shows and industry workers, they've continued to move ever closer to the core of the industry. They've even had a documentary made titled Missionary Positions, by filmmaker and non-Christian Bill Day.

Pastor Craig Ross writes on the new church's website, "Every year we head back to Vegas for the porn show in January. This year we plan on staying." His thought is, "Heck, if we can share Jesus when there are naked people distracting from the conversation, how can we not be able share Jesus during a concrete convention or an automotive trade show?"

A nice video and continual updates on The Strip Church are also available.

As a bonus, their vision and plan for the church is nicely described in a "graphic novel" format.

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