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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hollywood Prayer Network Kid's Calendar

The Hollywood Prayer Network now has a Kid's Prayer Calendar.

The Hollywood Prayer Network (a ministry I wrote about in my book Hollywood Faith -- see an intro video about their mission on their website) is dedicated to praying for all aspects of the Hollywood entertainment industry.

One of their most interesting innovations is a quarterly prayer calendar listing influential industry personnel on-screen and behind-the-scenes. Their monthly prayer updates are "published" to an audience of several thousand supporters. And they have a variety of other prayer ministries they've developed.

Their latest is a Kids Prayer Calendar that seems to indicate people and industry projects most influential among our nation's youth.

American IdolImage via Wikipedia

February '09 features the American Idol edition - past contestants and current finalists. A nice PDF file can be downloaded for parents to print and pray with your kids.

I wrote here recently about a book that gives a recent history on how conservative Christians reinvented their relationship to pop media in an attempt to influence and protect their children's spirituality.

The HPN Kid's Prayer Calendar is a great example of spiritual concern for kids. Rather than protest, HPN says prayer is more powerful and calls on Christians to direct their concerns about media to God. It also encourages parents and children to be more mindful of the media influences they are allowing into their lives. And more importantly, they actively prayer with compassion for people working in the industry who are sick, troubled, or facing any form of personal crisis.

More information on the ministry, including access to a free media packet, is available on their website.

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