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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Skilled, Urban, and Mobile - New Profile of Mexican Migrants

Metropolitan Migrants: The Migration of Urban Mexicans to the United States

The first book fully dedicated to understanding a major new phenomenon--the large numbers of skilled urban workers who are now coming across the border from Mexico's cities. Based on a ten-year, on-the-ground study of one working-class neighborhood in Monterrey, Mexico's industrial powerhouse and third-largest city, Metropolitan Migrants explores the ways in which Mexico's economic restructuring and the industrial modernization of the past three decades have pushed a new flow of migrants toward cities such as Houston, Texas, the global capital of the oil industry.

"This carefully researched, clearly argued, and richly detailed study makes a significant contribution not only to studies of Mexican migration but to the field of migration in general and, as such, it will command the attention of anyone seriously interested in the study of migration. Through sharp analysis, Hernández-León illuminates key social threads that link Mexican urbanites' migration to Mexico's economic restructuring. It is a fresh and insightful book that reminds us that there are still many interesting stories to tell about U.S.-bound Mexican migration."--Cecilia Menjivar, author of Fragmented Ties: Salvadoran Immigrant Networks in America

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