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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tenured and Promoted: Gerardo Marti becomes L Richardson King Associate Professor of Sociology at Davidson College

Last week, Davidson College affirmed my tenure and promotion to Associate Professor.

Long time in the making -- a vote of Davidson College Trustees affirms my "lifetime appointment" as a professor in the Department of Sociology. I continue to hold the L. Richardson King Professorship, and have several new courses in the works for the coming year.

Lots happening here. A few quick items:

I continue to work on a new book project which I hope to complete this fall on music and worship in racially diverse congregations. More on this later.

I have a new article just published in the Sociology of Religion: A Quarterly Review titled

Ego-affirming Evangelicalism: How a Hollywood Church Appropriates Religion for Workers in the Creative Class

I have two new articles to be published in June with the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion about African American integration into diverse congregations. I'll post when these come online.

I posted a new article at the Duke Divinity Call and Response Blog on a "skirmish" between the Multiracial Church Movement and the Emergent Church Movement.

And I am now the Book Review Editor-Elect for the Sociology of Religion journal. Please send good social scientific books my way.

I am preparing in my role as Program Chair the annual conference for the Association for the Sociology of Religion. The meetings will be held in Atlanta in August, and I hope to let you know of some sessions you may be interested in attending, especially a session titled "Scholars and National Leaders of the Emerging Church Movement" with Doug Pagitt, Tim Hartman, Troy Bronsink, James Bielo, and yours truly.

I continue to serve on the Executive Council for the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, the Council for the Association for the Sociology of Religion, and the Editorial Board for the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion.

I recently was elected to serve on the Steering Committee for the Religion and Social Science Section of the American Academy of Religion.

I will be presenting some interesting research at the annual meetings for the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion in October this year. These are great meetings happening in Baltimore, Maryland, this year.

And my book stack continues to grow. Reading a ton of philosophy these days, with a few good reads at the intersection of race/ethnicity, religion, and social change.
I hope you can see why I've not been as regular at posting on the blog these days, but I hope to keep you in touch with interesting things as information becomes available.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gerardo,
I attend Mosaic (I used to volunteer with Laura in discovery lane), found your blog kindof randomly and just realized that it was your blog- I didn't realize you were the author until today! How crazy! Anyway, very interesting articles, insight and info. I am doing a bit of an experimental article/possible column of sorts on church culture and Christian perspective for a small Christian magazine. So, reading your blog is quite interesting to me. Thanks for sharing.


Gerardo Marti said...

Thanks for your note, Mya. Leave a link for your magazine if you've got one!

Anonymous said...

No problem! The link to the magazine is www.carolinachristiannews.com (the metrolina addition). I only have a blog post in this edition. The church culture/Christian perspective article should be in either the May or June editions (depending on the publisher). It's a great little magazine with interesting articles. I hope you enjoy!

Gerardo Marti said...


Phil said...

Congrats, Gerardo! Well done. Look forward to seeing you this summer in Grand Rapids.