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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Stimulus Religion Speculation

Please don't take this post too seriously. Playing with a few ideas for fun.

The stimulus package will worm its way through the economy in the coming years. But the effects are already being felt. For the moment, I speculate that people will be compelled to move in one of two directions - either to strive for security or to go ahead and take the risk.

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Here's my quick thought -- For example, the loss of home value seems to indicate to me that fewer families will be willing to sell their homes to re-locate for a better job. In other words, most people will "hunker down" where they live rather than sell at a loss for another job.

That means people in this situation will strive for security rather than take the risk of moving.

On the other hand, others may be more mobile, have fewer debts, or be convinced that income opportunities elsewhere will lead them to greater economic freedom.

For these people, taking the risk is a better path than staying put for the sake of an elusive security.

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And now as to how this might relate to religion -- Just "hanging on" in the same place leads to working things through as best as you can in a crisis. In contrast, the attempt to make it in a new place, making new relationships, and trying new things seems to lead toward embracing a religious orientation that will energize more than simply comfort.

So, religion for those striving for security will focus more on comfort, companionship, and continuity. But religion for those taking the risk will focus more on insight, inspiration, and innovation.

This type of reasoning can get kind of silly, so I'm stopping. The more important speculation is to consider how the changing economy will affect religious commitment and religious practice. Is there such a thing as a stimulus religion?

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